Chapter 1 – What is the evolving meaning of democracy?
To define democracy in this context, we explore its origins, meanings, and influencing factors affecting this ideology.


Chapter 2 – Political parties and the system of governance.
An empirical opinion of political ideologies in Canada and the system of governance inherited form England.


Chapter 3 –? Conflict Between Citizens’ vision and Government’s agenda.
Here are some government-policies and actions which are different from most citizens’ vision.


Chapter 4 – What is Direct Democracy, DD. ?


Chapter 5 – Precedents of Plebiscites and Referendums in Canada.


Chapter 6 – Questions and Concerns About DD.


Chapter 7 –?What should We Do?


Chapter 8 – Citizens’ Draft Constitution.



Spanish translation:? Democracia Directa y Perpetua

Esperanto XY