Ingo Schmidt, one of the organizers of the World Peace Teach In, talks about the history of Imperial wars and how social democrats have been coopted by capitalism and patriotism.

Imperialism = Part 1 of 2 videos – 15 minutes each.
Imperialism = Part 2 of 2 videos – 15 minutes each
Unaffordable Social Housing in BC
Erosion in the Educational System in BC
Socialism for the 21st Century.
ALBA: a Trade Treaty for Cooperation, not Competition.

Ingo Schmidt: Euro-critics, Left AND Right: Unravelling Troika-Power?

Gary Cristall: The Reappearance of Everything Old.

Roger Annis on NATO and Ukraine.

Prof. Minqi Li.explains the restructuring of Capitalism, from crisis to crisis

NATO by Mahdi Nazemroaya